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The September issue

Before two days I dedicated my friday evening to the film “The September issue”. This film, directed and produced by R.J. Cutler, tells the story of legendary “Vogue” editor in chief Anna Wintour and her larger-than-life team of editors creating the issue and ruling the world of fashion. It was more than interesting, I felt as I would be there and the impression was unrepeatable! I know that I will watch it again when I will have a time..because it is much better than thumbing a magazine. P.S. Thanks for my friend Milda who recommended this film, I am so grateful to her :))

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Spring must-have

Every season has the fashion tendencies and we should heed it. The spring is one of the most important season because after winter we want to be fresh. We go to look for some new clothes or accessories. So I decided to make short must-have list which should help you to know the main stuffs of spring which you should have if you want to be stylish!

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TRF lookbook

TRF as always offers for us to be free and stylish. Very different clothes are matched but it looks pretty cool. The colors are faded but emphatic accessories make it not boring. Men’s collection is what I really like. Earth colors, elegant siluets and manliness. What can be better than stunning woman with taintless man?

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Chain bracelet

All the companies, which make accessories, present the chain bracelets for us in the spring collections. This idea captivated me at all so I craved to have something like that. And I found it! It is perfect that the choise is large. You can choose the most suitable bracelet for you. The most important requirement is that bracelet should be like a chain and have some amulets. It looks so glamorous and lively. I post some photos so you have a chance to choose something for you!

My bracelet:

Some ideas for you:

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Disco time

This spring is like the disco time because of the “Balmain” collection. All dresses and even pants were decorated with sparkling flakes. T-shirts were tattered. The bullet belts were slung around artfully “destroyed,” stained, and holed jeans or, yet more sensationally, minute, hypersexed, raggedy suede and leather loincloths. This collection have a result because we can see tattered t-shirts in many shops and of course in street fashion as well. So if you want to be conspicuous you should follow “Balmain” collection of 2010 spring.

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Without colours

Today I decided to post some photos which are uncoloured. I really have a fancy for these photos because they have something special. At first it could look very simple and ordinary but if you look better you will see that everything is perfect and consentaneous. Sometimes I feel tired of colours so I view these photos and delight in model’s eyes and look. I trust you will fall in love with these photos as well!


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Men’s fashion

When I read the article about men’s fashion I decided to look what kind of clothes H&M offers to men for this spring. Thankfully men’s fashion styles don’t change as often as women’s, but there are details one must still pay attention to. The suede shoes are in the top this spring. It looks so stylish and give some charm for all outfit. Blue jeans or sandy pants are in the “must-have” list as well. But the most important detail is a silk scarf! It should be colourful or inwtought. The shawls will help to create an exclusive style for boys this spring!

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Style: Edita Vilkeviciute

Edita Vilkeviciute is the most famous lithuanian model in the world. She is amazing at all. All photoshoots with her are impressive! Charisma of this lady is so strong not just in the photoshoots or runways but in real life as well. She always looks perfectly and pleasant because of her smile. She wears very simple clothes and it fascinates me so much. Because of that I decided to present her style. Huge bag, tight jeans, leather jacket, high-heels and ordinary accessories thats all what you need to create her style but don’t forget the most important thing is the smile. So be stylish with good mood!

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I am so exciting that “L’officiel” magazine is in Lithuania now! The first number appeared only today and now I have this magazine in my hands. It is so interesting and the photoshoots are amazing! I really enjoy reading it and I hope that other numbers will be as perfect as this. I thik I will post some articles inspired by this magazine so you will have a chance to read it. I don’t have the words to say how happy I am reading the magazines about the fashion!

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D&G denim spring

The most useful fabric is jeans. Designers make many clothes from that and the results mostly are perfect. D&G chose denim for this spring as well. Skirts or pants, bags or scarfs all are from denim. It looks a little bit like cowboys style, but the light and pale jeans are perfect for shiny spring. The most common color of jeans is of course blue, but it is matched with beige or dark brown. So if you like D&G style you should feel like in the Western this spring!


D&G 2010 spring


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