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Chain bracelet

All the companies, which make accessories, present the chain bracelets for us in the spring collections. This idea captivated me at all so I craved to have something like that. And I found it! It is perfect that the choise is large. You can choose the most suitable bracelet for you. The most important requirement is that bracelet should be like a chain and have some amulets. It looks so glamorous and lively. I post some photos so you have a chance to choose something for you!

My bracelet:

Some ideas for you:

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High waisted jeans

Jeans are the most practical things in our cupboards. We can wear it in many different ways - it can be very elegant or commonplace but it is groovy forever. When I saw high waisted jeans it was something new for me because I didn’t wear such denim jeans before. But it was time for me to get it because spring trend offer us to wear all the pants or skirts in high waist. It looks perfect I think! You have a good opportunity to try some high waisted clothes as well!

High waisted jeans on me



Rodyk draugams

Wellington boots

In these days all the boots become so wet because of snow melting in the streets. It was so uncomfortable for me to go for a walk with a dog so I decided to buy some new shoes which could solve this problem. Only wellington boots could help me. I bought very simple dotted rain boots and I am so glad about it, because my feets are absolutely dry now. It’s perfect that wellington boots aren’t just comfortable but is so fashionable this spring as well. Many designers offer to wear it!

My Wellington boots

Burberry rain boots

Rodyk draugams

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